I hope there is a place that people can hear their own voice .
      Some very recognized facts in one place are not that easy to understand in another place . I often think that people's fundamental awarenesses are pretty much the same , for instance , the awareness of freedom , the awareness of love , etc . But recently , I just felt very unpleasant about the notice that people seem not quite so .
      People can lose what they were born with , like humanity , if they were taught to do so . It's the power of propaganda , it can control what views people should have . In politics and wars , you can see this phenomenon , unless you're in the audience .
      It's such a sad truth that not everyone can consist what he believes against the public .
      The fact of truth is so that only a certain amount of people believe something is true , others will .
      This phenomenon is very logic and reasonable though , but just been used to do some dirty things . The only way to avoid this , is avoid crowd . To somewhere people have the same thoughts , or live alone . Or you should just keep silent .
      I'd choose to move to somewhere else .