I feel alive when I find some wonderful stuff to play with. That let me be who I am, do what I want.
      But the biggest barrier stopping me from doing that is lack of operating knowledge. If you don't know English, it won't be a pleasure to talk with a English person. And it always occurs to me where to find a place you can learn stuff as easily as eating breads.
      There is a website titled Better Explained.It is for making knowledge to be well explained. I think it shows a thing that people have the needs of acquiring knowledge easily.
      But it's not exactly what I wanna talk about. What I truly desire of is equipping knowledge instantly. That's kind of googling things.Fast and literally.
      It leads to a question: how do we operate knowledge? We're not dictionaries. We own skills of operating things in ways our brains feel familiar with. Sometimes we just personally create reflections between objects to let us remember their relationships. It's not literal, but functional. It works for us, humans only.
      The organizations of knowledge in our brains are quite different form those in literal.Knowledge in our brains are like maps, we don't know the landscape of a city, but we certainly know how to move from a block to another.
      Learning things in landscape is useless for moving us around, we should learn how to operate them instead.
      So every time you catch up with some interesting new stuff, the first thing you should question is: how do I operate them?
      If you follow this question, and you should soon get yourself the skills you need.