The major reasons for social connections are:

  • You need friends to share your feelings, both sorrow and delight
  • Social network is an efficient structure for spreading information
  • Friends together can work things out in a more dynamic way
      So,I've been thinking if I still need social network while information is everywhere.My conclusion is that I definitely need social network,but I don't need CLOSE FRIENDS anymore.FORMAL FRIENDS is the alternative.
      They are not close friends,but they're friendly,and some can really become close friends in future.They welcome you,and they normally would help you to solve your problem.And they can share your feelings,too.In a word,they can do everything that a close friend do.You just need to find them through the web.
      This is what internet has changed to our life.You can easily find people that satisfies your need as friends.You can have a bunch of lovely people that'd like to be your friends.Friends is no longer a precious resource.This makes changes in our social circles,that close friends means less,but formal friends become more and more meaningful.
      The new alternative choice to build your own social circles is finding formal friends through the internet.Friends are easy to find,and close friends is no longer the ultimate option.