"you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards."
---Steve Jobs
      What I see when I connect what I've discovered in learning method, I find it's the best to learn something naturally.
      What I mean by this is, you should learn things by following the pattern of human learning mechanism. It's what has been long ignored in education, and many other areas.This is, in a word, lack of user friendliness.
      I'm here, not to persuade government to improve education, but talking about how to learn. So, what should we do?
      Well, we should learn based on our interests. Interests are our goals, once we've got goals, we have motive to seek for them. Then everything happens in order. That's what I mean by "naturally".
      Only in this way, we can be creative, productive, and most importantly we are happy to learn!
      This approach of learning method has been approved by many high quality educational entities, such as MIT, Stanford, and even Google, and many more. This is what education should be worked.
      I, as a normal person, would do this, from now on. See what's gonna happen.