I'm really glad that I've met you, this is what comes out to me two years later. I don't know what is a good way to say this, so I just say it.
      If I could write you a letter at last, I wish this is it. I wrote this, letting you know, 1. how you looks like, from my angle, 2. how you have changed me. That's all, I'm not hoping this would change anything, everything just stays still.
      What I saw was, you're a independent,staunch and earnest woman. ( I've tried to read you, no matter what, this is what I've got, the closest to reality.) I never saw anyone being as beautiful as you're. When I saw you, I saw more than just a person, I saw grace and beauty, making me feel alive. There's nowhere I don't like about you. And I wish you will remains as you were, and live a wonderful life.
      I don't know if you noticed, I've totally changed because of you. I no longer care about what I see in everyday life, because of you. I don't dare to release and settle, because of you. I've learned to be as independent and staunch as you were, because of you. I've changed myself, because of you, for I'm afraid of no longer deserving to say that I loved you one day. Of course, these are all good to me, and I've learned a lot from you. Meeting you is the biggest turn that have happened to me, in my past lifetime. I felt lost, at the beginning of separating. But after a period of consideration, I began to stand up and look up, and finally I found what kind of life that I truly love to have, now , thank you, I'm fine.
      It's both reasonable whether you accept me or not, I'm not trying to effect you. You have your own life to live. The only thing I want and can, is letting you know how you looks like from my angle. For if I couldn't tell you all these, I'm afraid that one day I can not convince even myself that all those things have happened on me are real. Anything else is secondary.
      You never left away, in my mind. For I can 'see' you every moment. What the reality is is not much important, as I've met the one that not everyone in lifetime can have a chance to meet. The image of you will stay in my mind, being with me forever, for that I feel thankful.
      If I could write you a letter at last, I wish this is it.