Current Situation:


Ideal Situation:

躺在床上,直接用iPad浏览硬盘上的文件,stream on demand到设备上看。

Solution Idea

Samba Server & Client for wireless streamming.

Samba Server Solutions Comparison

Samba Server Pros Cons Recommend?
NAS网盘:希捷(不含硬盘)400元 Reliable, always on   👍 good
Raspberry Pi with OpenMediaVault 4   setup issues: fuse module fail to load 👎 not working
Raspberry Pi with Raspbian works after setup linux disrupts exFAT disk, Raspberry Pi wireless speed around 500KB/s (ethernet speed 1MB/s) ✋ doable
Windows PC folder sharing Simply works, wireless speed 1.5MB/s   👍 good

Samba Clients Comparision

Samba Client Pros Cons
FE file explorer UI easy to use, transmission faster with progress bar Only one server
Documents by Reedle Free slow file transimission

Recommeneded Setup

After tried several server setups and clients, I recommend the following for my current needs. I will consider dedicated NAS server if this doesn’t fulfill my needs.

  • Server:
    • NAS server or Windows PC folder sharing
  • Client:
    • VNC viewer (Remote desktop)
    • Terminus (Terminal for iOS)
    • FE file explorer (Samba File managr for iOS)