There’re basically two kinds of tasks to manage: small things to forget important things to track

A small task list with: auto delay Fast enter task and date No need to look back

For important things:

A planning tool (gantt?): to make a plan (roadmap/timeline).

A task management tool with: stages Subtasks Time tracking Progress

Project management tool

Tasks Projects

  • Task view (milestones & progress)
  • Timeline view ()
  • Project Wiki


I wanna Plan (roadmap, timeline) Quick add task (to backlog) Upcoming tasks (today, week, month) Current progress (percentage, milestones)


Problems with life & career as projects: They’re endless, no clear end date Life Tasks are often trivial and loose related, making managing it seemly pointless

Projects have to have clear scope and end date

Findings when looking for a project management tool:

  • All just task manager (maybe that’s what we need for project management)
  • Start date is almost a Premium-Only feature on all project management tools (except Zenkit).
  • Gantt Graph is a Premium-Only feature on all project management tools. Have to find standalone Gantt tools.

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