don’t feed the trolls

What’s great about Online community 我最喜欢互联网的一点就是它bring people together。看到社区激发创造力(Linux Kernel project, GitHub,Stack Overflow),但同时我们也面临着新的社会问题:How to treat people online, who you might never meet in person?

What’s not so great 我喜欢逛论坛(reddit),喜欢看邮件组,喜欢歪楼,喜欢思辩, (empathy) 但时不时也会看到一些言论。喷是收效甚微的。互联网上有喷子,但TW内部都是懂反馈的,不应该以怼人为目的的喷,我们是一个大家庭(对家里人不会说爱)。打骂孩子不是好的parenting.

What should we do Empathy

Here is something I’ve never articulated because I thought, perhaps naively, it was understood: The priority for participating on this forum is not the quality of the content. I ultimately don’t care how smart or funny or observant you are. Those are plusses, but they’re never prerequisites. The priority is on how you treat each other. I expect spats, arguments, occasional insults, and even inevitable grudges. We’ve all done that. But in the end, I expect you to act like a group of friends who care about each other, no matter how dumb some of us might be, no matter what political opinions some of us hold, no matter what games some of us like or dislike. This community is small enough, intimate enough, that I feel it’s a reasonable expectation.

What is trolling

Don’t feed the trolls

You walk away 流言止于智者